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  • 🤩 NEW VIDEO!!! 🤩 We covered some critical training points in today’s video with the super cute Bitsy-Bella the Yorkie puppy! CLICK HERE to see the full video!! ✨


  • Just 2 more days to enter our signed frisbee giveaway!!! See the post promoting Jacob’s video to enter! (It’s the video that’s 4 posts before this one 😜🐶I’ll also post a link to it in my story!)


  • When your costar discovers your turkey pocket... 😂🙈🎬⭐️🐾



In today’s NEW VIDEO, I’ll show you my recent training session with Jacob the rescue dog, where we worked on improving and refining our communication with him, covered how to teach him to hop, play dead, do figure 8s and so much more!! 🌟 Plus, I’m going to give away 5 SIGNED FRISBEES to 5 people on my Instagram page!!! 🏆 

Click here to see the post and enter the frisbee giveaway:
(make sure you FOLLOW ME on Instagram to be eligible to win! 😜)

Then, watch the NEW VIDEO HERE!


  • My goal is to promote quality, modern training methods that truly deliver a superior teaching experience for both you and your dog. A lack of training is one reason that so many people end up relinquishing or giving up on their dogs. That’s one reason that @pupford and I created this FREE training course. ❤️ With this 30-day class, you’ll learn how to address the most common training hurdles and problem behaviors people encounter with their dogs, AND you’ll learn how to actually teach your dog to do what you ask them to! The 30 Day Perfect Pup digital dog training class comes with step-by-step dog training videos, a printable guide, access to a private community of training experts and dog lovers like you, daily emails reminding you what to work on and so much more - ALL COMPLETELY FREE! In just 30 days, you’ll get all of the knowledge you need to get started and teach your dog to listen to you for a lifetime 🙌🏻 LINK IN BIO TO SIGN UP TODAY!!!


  • If you haven’t checked out my FREE digital dog training course, 30 Day Perfect Pup, yet… you’re missing out!!! 🙀 Here’s a link where you can sign up and get started today! ✨ ✨

I am loving watching you guys progress through the course, and getting to know you in the private community!!

The entire course is COMPLETELY FREE, and you’ll learn everything that you would in an in-person private training class with me. Plus, you get a digital workbook and access to a private Facebook community just for participants in the course, and much more!! 

Special thank you to the incredible folks at Pupford for making all of this possible. They are an amazing team of dog lovers and experts, and we’ve all been having a blast interacting with you guys in the private Facebook group that goes along with the 30 Day Perfect Pup course! In fact, they’ll be going live in the private community in a couple hours and taking your training questions, so now is a great time to sign up 😜🤩 ✨ ✨

If you’ve already started the course, I would LOVE to hear what you think so far and how it’s going!! Let me know in the comments!!!


  • Two stars collide ⭐️🌟💥 BB-8 and Sky Blue, two of your favorite dogs from our videos, had some fun after shooting for our secret project yesterday!!


  • Just a little behind the scenes shot 🤩 Anybody want to guess what this secret project is? 🤫✨


  • NEW VIDEO 🌟 Click here to see it!! ✨ Angus is only 3 months old and his family is having some issues with some classic rambunctious puppy behaviors, like playing too rough, coming when called, and listening in general 😝 His family had some great questions!


  • I get a lot of questions about which types of dog food are best, so I like to make sure to let you know when I find something really special that I think might be good for your dog! I’ve never seen quality in dog food like this. 🐶🏆✨

I want to be sure you all know about this awesome new dehydrated dog food that Pupford just launched! They have an INCREDIBLE deal going right now - you can save 25% off of your first bag, and lock in that 25% off on all future orders for LIFE!!! That could save you 1000s of dollars over the lifetime of your dog. 

Quantities are limited for this special lifetime discount so give it a try ASAP - we just gave Indy a taste and as you can see she LOVED it 😜 I’m very impressed with the quality of this food, and I think you will be too! Let me know what you think!! 

Watch the video for more details about the food, and here’s a link where you can order yours and lock in your lifetime discount!! 
✨ ✨


  • Zak George


  • Zak George


🤩 NEW VIDEO!!! 🤩 We covered some critical training points in today’s video with the super cute Bitsy-Bella the Yorkie puppy! CLICK HERE to see the full video!! ✨





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