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  • Our inability to say “no” just to reassure and make someone else feel comfortable is not only unfair to ourselves, but it can be unfair to the other person as well. In other words, just because it seems easier to say “yes” doesn’t mean we should.


  • Two years ago, Netflix released Joe Berlinger's documentary, "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru"! For those of you who have seen it, what was a key takeaway for you?

This documentary shows the behind-the-scenes of Tony's mammoth seminar, Date with Destiny, attended by over 4,500 people in Florida each year. 

Join us in celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Date with Destiny! Learn more about the event and documentary here:


  • Every day, we tell ourselves stories. We create stories to give meaning to our lives, to justify what we want to experience or feel, and to give ourselves a framework upon which to build future stories.

But what happens when those stories don’t serve us?

Georgia found herself broken down by one of these incomplete stories — here's the moment she realized that her greatest loss was actually one of her greatest gifts:


  • Frustration, stress, sadness, loneliness – yes, these are emotions we may all encounter. In this episode of the #TonyRobbinsPodcast, Tony shows us that we all have the power to step out of these suffering states, and cultivate a life of love, joy, gratitude, playfulness, growth and appreciation.

Listen to the newest episode here:


  • A #ZeroHunger world where every single person has access to nutritious food IS POSSIBLE! But we need YOUR help...


As many of you know, when I was 11 years old my family was given a meal on Thanksgiving from a kind stranger. This kindness was a catalyst for what would become a foundation of my life’s work — ENDING HUNGER for those in such desperate need. TODAY is #WorldFoodDay, and I’m proud to share that through our partnership with Feeding America, we are closing in on 400 MILLION DELIVERED MEALS in the last four years alone and on our way to 1 BILLION meals over the next six years! ❤️🍽🍗

That single act of loving care and generosity that our family experienced on Thanksgiving 40 years ago completely changed my life. To this day, I am so grateful for that moment that sparked my commitment to find a way to give back. I’m incredibly proud to be doing so today on such a large scale alongside our amazing partners at Feeding America. 

If you feel called to help us in our efforts to #endhunger, you can click the link above to learn more about different ways you can contribute that includes making a donation and I’ll match yours, dollar-for-dollar! Big thanks for your consideration, and blessings to you for the depth of your caring, love, and action to support those in need.



  • We've all been laughing today from Sunday's Family Guy spoof! It's been fun to watch the animated version of UPW energy. 

Even Peter Griffin had a breakthrough at the seminar! Thanks for bringing the energy, Quahog!! 🤣😂🙌

Thanks, Family Guy!


  • Here's how you can change your life in a moment.


  • When you replace your negative beliefs with positive ones, you can change the course of your life.


  • Have you ever experienced a financial hardship or loss? You aren’t alone. 

Michael and Nicky Roche ran a property management business before they lost everything — here's how they learned to navigate loss:


  • What's this biohacking craze all about? Here 3 simple ways you can biohack your body for peak performance.


  • What exactly is your full potential? When Michelle Sorro, a television host for Extra, attended Unleash the Power Within, she discovered ways to maximize her potential in areas she didn’t even realize were there. She learned precisely what she needed to do – how she needed to adjust her mindset – to achieve greater levels of success than she had ever imagined possible.

Join us at Unleash the Power Within in the New York Area for a life-changing weekend. Find your passion, define your goals and start living life on your terms.

>> Save up to 30% off select seating — HURRY, offer expires 10/08/18 at 11:59pm PST:


  • Unleash the Power Within: Chase Jarvis


Our inability to say “no” just to reassure and make someone else feel comfortable is not only unfair to ourselves, but it can be unfair to the other person as well. In other words, just because it seems easier to say “yes” doesn’t mean we should.





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