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  • Hey @jtucker15 - bet you can’t jump on my shoulders....anymore 😳 #trainimpossible


  • Feel and imagination can be developed outside of the context of a game and a defender, and sometimes it’s even better to help a player truly learn feel. For instance, Sometimes a defender is the one providing the “feel”. Taking the defender away can be a great way for a player to see how comfortable they are with initiating contact and stimulating their own pace and imagination. It’s a balance and CAN be taught.


  • Gracefulness is something that “can’t” be taught, or so I’ve heard. But here’s a great way to train for it. Jump explosively, lightly graze/touch/tap the box with your toe while remaining calm and poised for the finish. P.s. The toe tap is for poise and control, not because it represents kicking or tapping a defender with your foot. Let’s just get that out of the way. #trainimpossible #someonetellbraxtonjoshorjoshtofixmybackboard


  • When it comes to playing, there’s really one area I truly miss. THIS! The big moments. Especially in tourney time...that I could use some more doses of these days...


  • Here’s one of the best players in all of Europe Tornike Shengelia competing against another Georgia native @zeemannn in a closing completion.

Now, we aren’t doing an exercise here that we would spend a crazy amount of time on, but does it look like Tornike is saying to himself, “what a waste of time?” “What is this the circus?” Look closely, the guy who finished second in MVP voting only to @lukadoncic last year is laughing and enjoying a lighthearted athletic competition. BUT...when he lost, he was in to the challenge enough to show emotion. That’s a perfect balance!!!!
Kids, Don’t take everything so serious. The culture wants to tell you that everything you do has to be ultra serious. Finding joy with challenges is one of the reasons we love this great game!


  • Kids get so excited to challenge the master 😂😂😂Joshua Dudley Training


  • Name a player, and we can find example after example of their eyes being down. @stephencurry30 is a great one because he has a great handle. Whether it’s training or in the game, eyes need to be active, not up. NOT UP, ACTIVE! Far too much emphasis is put on players getting eyes up and then we wonder why so many can’t handle in the game. Why? Because the skill of the hand and feet is more important than the eyes!!! However, Eyes are great accountability partners. Not only do they help your hands and your feet with their techniques but they also have to be active enough in the game to even look down when needed.


  • Reaction training and testing can hit a different level when you have training tool that can move more unpredictably than a person.


  • We’ve been at this for a while now! Here’s Rodney Mcgruder when he was just scratching the surface! Love this!


  • I wouldn’t say Bryce Stanhope is a hidden gem because he’s been one of the best in the world for a while now. But when he hasn’t been working with NBA players like Karl Anthony Towns, Evan Turner, and Victor Oladipo, he’s spent the last 6 years in NJ running our NE headquarters and working with @teamrionational - Bryce has been a major key in developing those Kids since they  Now Bryce is in Miami with a brand new batch of young players like @jetwalis - just wait and see what happens after 6 years!!!@teampetemiami


  • Two from the country of Georgia. Tornike Shengelia a Euro League First Team star and @zeemannn a college player at Aquinas. Both putting their skills to the test. Look at how LOW Tornike can get tho 😳


  • Balance in shooting is often misinterpreted as perfect. Balance is making anything perfect enough to shoot it! Brian has 24 out of his 60 hours checked!


Hey @jtucker15 - bet you can’t jump on my shoulders....anymore 😳 #trainimpossible

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