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  • For the first time, scientists found a massive crater hidden deep under a sheet of ice


  • This hotel is covered in gold -- and it spends about $130,000 on gold leaf every year:


  • President Donald J. Trump is trying to compensate for the fact that he’s “had a miserable week and not been there for veterans," says Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth, a veteran who lost both legs during an explosion in Iraq while serving in the US Army. "He's failed miserably when it comes to supporting our troops and their families," she added.


  • CNN's Anderson Cooper says perhaps President Donald J. Trump's rage over the Russia probe "stems from being falsely accused — but Robert Mueller has yet to accuse him of anything. It's also possible the President sees the walls closing in and he's lashing out. Whatever the case, it seems once again he's been saying things that increase, not diminish, the scrutiny on him."


  • “President Trump and his legal team may not fully understand why those questions are being asked, but I doubt that they’re being asked for a frivolous purpose.” - Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro on President Donald J. Trump's lawyers saying some of special counsel Robert Mueller's questions were “possible traps"


  • Smoke from Northern California's deadly Camp Fire is creating a haze and degrading air quality around the Bay Area


  • “The President is so discombobulated by the results of this election that he’s just saying the most outrageous, silly kinds of things," says Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono on President Donald J. Trump's claims of voter fraud. "He does lie every single day."


  • President Trump is making remarks at an event for veterans and military families at the White House


  • Chris Stout is helping homeless vets get off the streets by building a village full of tiny homes. That's not all Stout and the Veterans Community Project are doing to help those who served.

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  • It’s a furry phenomenon…and it’s not what you might expect. Lisa Ling attends her first furry convention to see what this culture is really about. Sunday at 10p ET/PT on #ThisIsLife on CNN


  • A daring escape from the California wildfires caught on camera


  • Three deadly wildfires in California are destroying structures and forcing thousands to evacuate. These cell phone videos show drivers fleeing the fires.


For the first time, scientists found a massive crater hidden deep under a sheet of ice





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