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  • "Squatting is essential to maintaining functional independence and improving fitness."
—CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman in "Foundations," published in the CrossFit Journal in April 2002

📹 CrossFit Cure


  • "Jonathan Stoops was your typical American kid. He played football and lifted weights, but he was fat. During high school, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Jon had to take a medical leave of absence his first year of college. He kept treating his diabetes like it wasn't there, but over time it caused him more and more problems until he wound up in the hospital with pancreatitis. When he finally got serious about his health, Jon tried triathlons, but running was too painful. It wasn't until CrossFit that Jon finally turned his life around." 
—Randy Lane, this year's runner-up in the Worldwide Diabetes Video Contest


  • "Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Monica Moreno Rojo from Mexico City attends the CrossFit Level 1 course to learn how she may help others with chronic disorders." —Eric Maciel


  • Via Paradiso CrossFit Venice: "Check out our very special WOD Demo this week, including three pregnant and badass Paradiso CrossFit Staff: Katie Plummer, Emma D'Alessandro and Chelsea McKinney!"


  • Here's a drill from CrossFit Gymnastics to help you with building more strength, mobility and flexibility in both wrists and grip.

Dumbbell Warm-up: Grab a 5 to 10 lb. dumbbell with your WOD group and get working on this.

Remember repetition is key so incorporate this a few times a week to build strength and flexibility.

Work each drill for 30 seconds then rest 1 minute and repeat one more time. Then repeat on the other arm.
* Recommend one arm at a time for more balance and control.
1. Side to Side
2. Knuckles Up Curl
3. Knuckles Around Curl

For details on the CrossFit Specialty Course: Gymnastics, click here:


  • “CrossFit is my approach to battling Parkinson’s.”
—Dr. Jeff Livingston, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist


  • In order to move safely in the kipping pull-up and the handstand push-up, athletes must maintain an anatomically neutral position.

Find a CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course near you:


  • Describe how you feel about burpees using a gif.


  • Via CrossFit Training: The needs of our grandparents and Olympic athletes differ by degree, not kind.

By this we mean that CrossFit is universally scalable. Anyone can do it, and everyone should do it, even your grandparents.

When applied with appropriate scaling, CrossFit is a potent method for training the older athlete, unlocking a number of health benefits and staving off the loss of functional capacity that diminishes quality of life.

Details on the CrossFit Specialty Course: Masters →


  • Congratulations to Eric Chang, the winner of CrossFit's 2018 Worldwide Diabetes Video Contest!

"At over 270 lb., and having just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Jericho Dino, Jay, knew. He knew it was time to make a change for his life, his health, and his family. Allowing work and stress to be excuses was no longer an option. Unhappy, overweight, and in the worst physical shape of his life, Jay took the most courageous first steps away from the comfortable mediocrity of unhealthy complacency and immersed himself fully into striving and thriving towards wellness. This is his story."—Eric Chang


  • George Gordon, 33, a member of CrossFit FireBolt in Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa, suffered a series of strokes last July while working out in the gym. He has since fought his way back after spending five weeks in the ICU and despite doctors’ initial suggestion that he should be placed in a nursing home.

Watch his progress captured by his fiancée, Kerryn Michie.

📹 Left: The start of Gordon’s rehabilitation training.
Right: Gordon doing squats for the first time with trainer Matthew Smith.

Story via


  • Congratulations to Ulises Mejia, the winner of the 2018 CrossFit Video Contest, Mexico!


"Squatting is essential to maintaining functional independence and improving fitness." —CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman in "Foundations," published in the CrossFit Journal in April 2002 📹 CrossFit Cure





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