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  • #ChristmasEveryDay music video officially comes out Monday! Here's a sneak peek before it premieres on Entertainment Tonight... 🎅🏻🎄🎁 #WinterInTheAir


  • ”Santa's on his way... It's Christmas every day..." 🎅🏻😉 #ChristmasEveryDay


  • I wrote “Who I Am” for my 2nd album “The Other Side of Down” with Mike Krompass and Shelly Peiken. It was the first hint I gave to my fans that I was planning to go on my 2-year mission. I told a few people including the people I worked with and I tried going before I made this 2nd album, but had a contract to still do another album with my record label. I talked to Shelly Peiken about it and she said “I think you should do it.” We continued to write “Who I Am” about disconnecting from the craziness of keeping up with the public image as an artist, and connecting with God and with myself. I realized that who I was and my purpose didn’t come just from becoming famous. I needed to take time to find who I really was. The album this song is from means a lot to me because it was a challenging time of life for me. There were a lot of battles I had to fight as an 18-20 year-old. How I found my way through them is on this album like little post-it notes that reminded me to keep perspective and look ahead. #DavidArchieMusicFacts


  • Nine years ago today I released my very first holiday album 'Christmas From The Heart'. Can y’all believe it!? 🎄🎶 This anniversary comes just in time ahead of the release of my upcoming Christmas album, 'Winter In The Air’, which will be out in a few weeks on November 2nd!


  • ‪Just came across Ed Sheeran’s Instagram Story of his security guard discovering "Crush". This made my night! Happy to hear he likes the song!‬


  • With my new Christmas album coming out next month, I though it'd be fun to highlight some songs from my previous albums with fun facts about them! To kick it off, I wanted to start with a song from my debut album "Touch My Hand". How many of y'all remember this one? It was written by Steve Kipner, Steve McEwan, and Wayne Wilkins. A fun little fact, Steve Kipner told me after they heard me talking about wanting to connect with the audience but worried about not knowing what the song was about they wrote a lyric specifically that moment “I never knew what this song was about but suddenly now I do.” I recorded this song in a home studio in Oklahoma while I was on the American Idol tour and had a day off there in Oklahoma City. A sweet Oklahoman couple owned it and it was literally a living room feel in their home. 🏡🎶 Hope you guys enjoyed that fun little tidbit about "Touch My Hand". Keep an eye out for more fun facts in the future! You can also guess which song you think will be featured next by using the hashtag #DavidArchieMusicFacts.


  • #DavidArchieMabuhay


  • Sep 11, 2002


  • I'm so excited to share that I'm working with PledgeMusic this year in celebration of my new Christmas album #WinterInTheAir - available 11/2! From exclusive album bundles to signed items, you can check out the store here: https://bit.ly/2CCJcvJ




  • David Archuleta


  • "Crush" - David Archuleta (Stripped Down Version)


#ChristmasEveryDay music video officially comes out Monday! Here's a sneak peek before it premieres on Entertainment Tonight... 🎅🏻🎄🎁 #WinterInTheAir





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