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  • Israeli human rights activist Hagai El-Ad describes the situation for Gazans living under Israeli occupation.


  • Saudi dissident and scholar Dr. Madawi Al-Rasheed was stripped of her citizenship in 2003 for speaking out against the regime. She says it's not enough to oust Saudi Arabia's crown prince if he's found responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's murder—but that Saudi King Salman must allow for a transition to democracy.


  • Indigenous rights activists Waniya Locke and Cherri Foytlin were arrested in Texas Thursday for interrupting an Energy Transfer Partners shareholder meeting in protest of the 163-mile Bayou Bridge oil pipeline. Energy Transfer Partners is also behind the Dakota Access pipeline:


  • "The war in Yemen should stop immediately. … The Saudi Army now is using Yemen as a training ground. Even if it doesn’t achieve victory there, it’s still a battleground where they practice, and practice killing in Yemen, which should not go unchecked." - Scholar and Saudi dissident Dr. Madawi Al-Rasheed


  • Native American women are running for office this year in record numbers and forming informal networks to support each other—at least partially in response to the Trump administration's anti-woman policies, says Indian Country Today editor Mark Trahant:


  • Ojibwe lawyer and activist Tara Houska responds to the controversy over Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test: Native people are being left "almost entirely" out of the conversation


  • Saudi Arabia has a long history of cracking down on dissidents — just ask the women who spent decades fighting for the right to drive. More with journalist Sarah Aziza:


  • A top EPA official who was put on leave is sounding the alarm about the Trump administration's attempts to "disappear" her office, which is responsible for stopping the lead poisoning of children. "It basically means that kids are disposable, they don’t matter," Ruth Etzel says.


  • A BuzzFeed News investigation has revealed that the United Arab Emirates employed U.S. mercenaries to assassinate Yemeni politicians in 2015. It's "simply inconceivable" that the U.S. government didn't know about these hires, says Aram Roston, author of the new exposé.


  • New reports suggest U.S. officials knew Jamal Khoshoggi was in danger and didn't warn him. Saudi dissident and writer Ali Al-Ahmed says the U.S. bears partial responsibility for his death.


  • Migrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border are now faced with the agonizing decision to leave their child in the U.S. to pursue asylum and keep them safe or reunite with them in their home country. Lee Gelernt, civil rights lawyer for the ACLU, explains:


  • If Saudi officials did in fact kill Jamal Khoshoggi, their clumsy cover-up is no accident, says Saudi dissident and writer Ali Al-Ahmed: "They did not cover their tracks —they didn’t try. They wanted this message to be known."


Israeli human rights activist Hagai El-Ad describes the situation for Gazans living under Israeli occupation.





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