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  • More testing from Willowbank!!


  • 20b Datsun first passes, 13b 808 sedan, cranky6


  • 20b Datsun next pass


  • ***ROTARY FANS***

The Top 10 quickest rotary drag racing passes in the world!

Big thanks to GRS-Motorsports.com for all their footage and UNIK DRAG Photos. Also Exotic Boost for the info :)


  • 3 rotor 20B RX4! 

Retrieved from our channel youtube.com/dragimportmedia back in 2014 at a private test day. SUBSCRIBE^^^^


  • We need more quad rotors on the street ! 🔈🔈🔈

4 & Rotary Promotions "OFFICIAL"


  • Throwback to 2015 when the Rod Harvey Racing Celica was angry as hell. This was a fun night 🤣


  • THAT SOUND! Check out 4 & Rotary Promotions "OFFICIAL" boss Azhar run his quad rotor naturally aspirated Mazda rx3 down the track for a 10 second pass


  • Here's a video of RotorMaster 20b Rx7 from our last share. Hands up who used to wait for FullBOOST to bring out videos back in the day 😂 so we could see more action.

Full credit to FullBOOST for the vid, and go subscribe to their youtube channel 


if you haven't already.


  • You don't see many quick Subaru WRX's these days but this one owned by Ali STI Heaven has recently run a PB with a 8.51 @ 159 mph in Sydney. 

Congrats to Deshele Performance and Team Karam racing on their work on the car.

Vid by STI Heaven


  • Does the Forza GTR want a rerun now?? 😂😂😂

Last night we went out with Graham's recently finished twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan. This car is a lot different from the previous owner's race on 1320Video.com sporting a few upgrades since.

The Lamborghini was driven off the dyno, straight to the track and laid down a very first pass of 9.84 @ 145 mph on only 9 psi boost pressure. Unfortunately due to safety restrictions at Willowbank, wasn't able to run again until a few safety upgrades are met. 

Check the vid !  THAT V10 SOUND 😍 Includes in-car


  • Drag Import Media


More testing from Willowbank!!

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