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  • Not even ashamed.

via Parents


  • "The third annual Women's March event is right around the corner, and women across the globe are preparing to march through the streets of their cities advocating for transformative change" ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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  • But...the beach is where we want to be right now...

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  • You are a strong, independent woman. Do it. 

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  • Shout out to my trainer Jen Widerstrom 🙌

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  • Especially today. 😩


  • "It is known that unicorn tears have the power to transform unexciting days into wonderful days." We'll drink to that 🍷🦄 Tag someone who would love this wine:


  • People won't notice if we go back for a second one....

....or a third...

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  • On this week's episode of Sweat with SHAPE, Celeb Trainer Jen Widerstrom takes us through her favorite 10-minute kettlebell workout.

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  • Want to re-do one of our pasts challenges? Join our 40-Day Crush Your Goals Challenge with Jen Widerstrom and this is our most dynamic workout yet! All you need is a barbell and room to move. Once you're done tell Jen how many reps you got in in the comments below!  

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  • Think of this as a stepping stone to the burpee.


  • Tone, strengthen, and tighten your entire body in one killer MOVE. No weights necessary, all you need is your game face. How many reps can you do?


Not even ashamed. via Parents

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