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  • Go watch an all new episode of "Cold As Balls". New season starts today!!


  • Kicked my day off with a 5:30am workout & decided to celebrate with an amazing compilation of original dance moves....I'm the best when it comes to this dancing shit!!!!! My movie is #1 people....Make sure you go check it out this week. It's really goooooooood!!!!! Let's gooooooooo #TheUpside #NowPlaying #comedicrockstarshit #DanceMovesForDays


  • What’s my 2019 anthem? Level up and EARN UP: #sponsored. Check out the first of many ways I plan to crush goals with @Chase #AlwaysEarning


  • People! New season of Cold as Balls out Tuesday 1/15.  Only at LOL Network


  • Cold as Balls is baaaack! Brought some of my all star friends this time around, so dont miss it! Catch an all new season Tuesday 1/15! #coldasballs #thosetubsarecold


  • Cold as Balls All Stars is here people! Terrell Owens is in the tub, answering all the tough questions... and eating all my damn popcorn! 🍿

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  • We did 20.4million in the box office over the weekend....They had my movie projected to do 10million and we doubled it. I swear I love my fans and I love that you guys are all loving this movie....Thank you so much for making my first step into the dramatic world a successful and believe that there will be a lot more where this came from in the future!!!!! Go check out my movie this week & see what all of the hype is about #TheUpside #NowPlaying


  • Take your Boo to the movies and go see "The Upside" damn it!!!!!! #NowPlaying ....People are loving it!!!!!


  • People are loving “The Upside”.....Make sure you go see what all of the hype is about this weekend. THIS IS THE FEEL GOOD MOVIE OF YEAR....THIS IS A MOVIE THAT IS FILLED WITH POSITIVITY....THIS IS A MOVIE THAT U GUYS NEED TO SEE...TRUST ME!!!! You have never seen me like this in a film. Let’s gooooooo #TheUpside #NowPlaying


  • My movie "The Upside" received a A cinema score people. Woooooooow.....The people are talking and I am loving what they are saying. Thank you all for your love & support. I fucking love you guys....Go see "The Upside" damn it. THE MOVIE IS GOOOOOOOOOD as shit!!!!! #TheUpside #NowPlaying


  • The Upside is out Friday! Letssss go, get your tickets now. Bryan Cranston confirms I am his favorite person to work with!! #TheUpside #HittingTheatersFriday


  • In theaters late tonight’s go time damn it. Get up and get out and go get some of this positive energy that this movie gives out!!!!! This movie does not disappoint ....ITS SOOOOO GOOOOOOD #TheUpside #ComedicRockStarShit #InTheatersNoooooooow


Go watch an all new episode of "Cold As Balls". New season starts today!!

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