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  • #911matrix Subscribe: http://youtube.com/911TruthAnniversary


  • SEE ALSO THIS TRAILER:  https://youtu.be/cvK1BT8zLkA Hunt for the Skinwalker https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8399718/ ... http://whynotnews.eu - Stop5G.net ... thnx to Dennis Schaap for the tip (y)


  • Hey Alexa, Who Killed Anthony Bourdain? (Mirror from Marcello Gonzalez)


  • Stop5G.net Satire Parody


  • Vax Reality Check In School!

#Vaxxed Eight reasons to vaccinate your child

1 - Your child is deficient in mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, viruses, foreign DNA or other ingredients proven to cause neurological damage.

2 - Your child has an excess of healthy, functioning brain cells.

3 - You need cash. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out 2.8 billion dollars to parents of children injured or killed by vaccines.

4 - You and your spouse are feeling alienated and you need a crisis to bring you together.

5 - You believe that pharmaceutical conglomerates which earn billions from vaccines are more credible than consumer groups.

6 - You think thousands of parents who report that their children became autistic two weeks after vaccination are lying.

7 - You don't see a problem in logic when the government tells you that vaccines work, but that vaccinated children can catch diseases from unvaccinated children.

8 - You think the government should dictate which healing methods you and your children are allowed to use.

Alan V. Schmukler
leading homeopath and founder of "Homeopathy for Everyone"

Big Pharma was not amused by the above satire. They have been demonizing Dr. Schmukler ever since. Some now refer to him as "Dr. Schmuck".

Brett Wilcox is the author of Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family. In this video, Brett and a group of school children discuss the truth about vaccines, vaccine injury, and vaccine manufacturers. Near the end of the presentation, the children share personal stories of vaccine injury and what should be done about those who profit from our current vaccine policy. Their clarity of vision gives hope for a brighter future. Your Health Freedom is pleased to sponsor this video. If you'd like to help us produce more videos, please donate at www.yourhealthfreedom.org.


  • "Satanists Against Trump" ... Credits video: Jay McDuffie


  • #Stop5G Related: Dr. Devra Davis vs The National Toxicology Program on Cell Phone Radiation Study March 2018 ... Research Stop5G.net ... Like: http://facebook.com/Stop5G ... Join: http://facebook.com/groups/Stop5G has 9435+ members in 9 Months!


  • WTF ... WeatherWars? Extreme GeoEngeneering in Anna, Illinois.  Stop#GeoEngeneering #WeDoNotConsent ~credits video: Maranda Marie Benefield ... Research: http://Stop5G.net & #Stop5G ... join: https://fb.com/groups/Stop5G thnx (y)


  • WTF :O Bizzare Unexplainable 8 Car Accidents Recorded by CCTV ... http://whynotnews.eu


  • Do you know what happens to children when 1 or 2 of their parents goes to jail for ANY crime? ... NO MEMES ABOUT THAT! ... WHY? ... Parents are 100% responsible for their actions when going in to USA illegally!
There are legal ways to apply to enter a country (this is EVERYWHERE!) and USA is not "worse" on the Top 10 Countries in the world! ... This one-sided demonizing is part of an AGENDA! ... Same problem with Europe! ... Mass influx is CHAOS BY NWO DESIGN!
If SOME benefiting is NO excuse or reason for allowing anything illegal like child-trafficking or women-sex-slaves trafficking or pedophile rings seeking new victims internationally, importing hard-drugs etc. etc.
My comment was to somebody who claimed that illegals "helped" the US economy thus "justifiable" ... Having slaves in the past was also "good" for economy does not mean it "okay"!


  • Fake Snow from Chemtrails?


  • Shallow Teleprompters Generation of "Journalists"


#911matrix Subscribe: http://youtube.com/911TruthAnniversary





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