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  • Limited Edition: Helmet 25 Years SIP Scootershop, handmade in Italy #sipscootershop #vespa #vespas #vintagevespa #vespaclassic #tuning #piaggio #vesparider #vespalifestyle #vespagts #malossi #polini #performanceandstyle #lambretta #innocenti #vorfreude #helmet #motorcyclehelmet #helmetdesign


  • The basis for the construction of the SIP Fast Flow fuel tap 2.0 is provided by a freshly designed casting die, enabling full realisation of all the new features we wished to include. A spring loaded tap mechanism ensures an even flow pressure and the course of the fuel through the tap has also been optimised, flowed and enlarged to the maximum! The breather tube found on the original PIAGGIO design is now no longer necessary the mesh of the filter is fine enough to hold back alien particles in the fuel tank, while also porous enough to allow a more than adequate supply of fuel to the tap itself. All the rubber sealing gaskets are of course both petrol and fuel oil resistant, and the new tap supplies even more fuel than our first version! The fuel tap lever included with the kit is a high end item and has a aluminium lever head.
Due to its high quality production coupled with perfect manufacture the Fast Flow 2.0 also represents an ideal replacement for the original items on standard scooters intended for everyday use.
Conclusion : Our Evo version at last - The SIP Fast Flow 2.0 fuel tap! No matter whether the 'On' or 'Reserve' position is selected, the SIP Fast Flow 2.0 delivers a guaranteed increase in fuel flow when directly compared with the original item.
Aluminium / Fast Flow / easy operation / increased fuel flow
Internal channel diameter : 5mm, Increased internal tap section diameter, optimised channel course, up to 60% increased flow over original items, light and easy operation, kit includes all necessary gaskets and a fuel tap lever with an aluminium operation lever head.


  • Love in every detail. 70´s Helmets is a small company in the north of Italy that manufactures retro helmets by hand. Not in the far East but authentic between olive trees and Ferrari flags.
We have been friends with Fabrizio, the founder, for decades. He has agreed to make an elaborately hand-painted helmet for our 25 years SIP Scootershop anniversary.
Awesome handmade helmets made in the form of Japanese KUNOH racing sport helmets from the late 60‘s: slender and close fitting. The inner padding is comfortable and fits well. Goodbye wind noise, event at 150 + speed. The helmet is made of fiberglass, different visors can be attached. The SIP 25 years helmets are limited.
Delivery includes storage bag. Helmets without ECE number but a lot of soul.
Small helmet shell made of fiberglass
With strap for googles
Lining made of genuine leather and fabric
Prepared push buttons for visors
Chin strap with double D ring
Weight: 850 grams
Sizes: S: 55-56cm/ M: 57-58cm/ L: 59-60cm

Perfect addon: our SIP Motorcycle goggles:

Our very own 'SIP Motorcycle Goggles' – THE optimal complement to any open-face or motocross crash helmet - a must-have accessory for eye-protection from wind, weather, insects and road gravel on longer Vespa rides or while travelling during the darker hours. We have developed these goggles together with the French motorcycle goggle producer APHEX.
The classically designed frame is close-fitting, slim, magnetised and cylindrical – so ensuring a perfect fit around your head. According to weather or light conditions the magnetic double-layered lenses can be rapidly exchanged for optimal vision. Each pair is delivered with a clear lens to enable their use in darker conditions and a tinted version for during the daylight hours. The look of the goggles can also be altered by exchanging the head strap: This can also be carried out quickly and easily due to the RSS quick-release attachment system, we have three separate designs available from our shop.
Low-profile design
100% UV resistant
magnetic double-layered lenses
quick removal of the head strap due to the RSS system
optimal ventilation and anti-fogging treatment
triple-density foam and hypo-allergenic fleece lining


  • New: Practical Hose Clips with Butterfly tube clamp - no tools required, in all sizes


  • New: SIP CLASSIC Tool Bag / Roll in Black and Olive, now available #sipscootershop #vespa #vintagevespa #vespaclassic  #performanceandstyle #lambretta


  • Scooterist Meltdown Kalkar 2019 by SIP Scootershop


  • BFA Bay SIP Engine Vespa PX unofficial winner Major Power Award with 65 hp 🛵🔥🔥🔥 #sipscootershop #vespa #vespas #vintagevespa #vespaclassic #tuning #piaggio #vesparider #vespalifestyle #vespagts #malossi #polini #performanceandstyle #lambretta #innocenti #vorfreude #bfaengine #bfa


  • Foot Pegs SIP for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 50-150cc - comfort for passenger


  • Clutch plates for Vespa SIP PERFORMANCE CR80 Aluminium


  • SIP Rim Tubeless 2.0 for Vespa Product Presentation


  • SIP Open Day Badge and Patch have arrived!


  • Luggage Basket VESPA, CLASSIC, w/ removeable inner nylon pocket, SIP Scootershop


Limited Edition: Helmet 25 Years SIP Scootershop, handmade in Italy #sipscootershop #vespa #vespas #vintagevespa #vespaclassic #tuning #piaggio #vesparider #vespalifestyle #vespagts #malossi #polini #performanceandstyle #lambretta #innocenti #vorfreude #helmet #motorcyclehelmet #helmetdesign

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