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  • You've seen Boston Dynamics' SpotMini open doors. Now see it do the running man at our #WIRED25 festival.


  • Get ready. Get set. Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot can now do the running man. Here it is performing from our #WIRED25 festival.


  • Anand Giridharadas in conversation with WIRED's Virginia Heffernan at the #WIRED25 festival: The traditional way of being civic is that you are civic as a citizen... But the problem for a lot of these entrepreneurial wealth folks is, I think, that way of helping does not make them feel special.


  • If Facebook had launched with a different business model (rather than free), would it have evolved in a different way and be less easy to manipulate? Yes, says Jaron Lanier, author and computer scientist, at our #WIRED25 festival. 

Is it too late? No, Lanier says. For inspiration, just look at Netflix's move to a streaming subscription model.


  • How do you get government permission to sink (er, submerge) a ship in Monterey Bay and then raise it with thousands of ping pong balls? Here's how MythBusters' Adam Savage explained it during our #WIRED25 festival.


  • Journalist Garrett M. Graff at our #WIRED25 festival: The idea that the FBI is somehow the center of a secret Democratic cabal in Washington (makes our heads spin). The FBI is probably the most traditionally conservative institution in American politics.


  • Is the hunt for aliens dangerous for the human race? Astrobiologist Margaret Turnbull and Jill Tarter, cofounder of the SETI Institute, discussed that question at our #Wired25 festival: https://wired.trib.al/CSmSUCM


  • Microsoft researcher and economics professor Glen Weyl argued at our #WIRED25 festival that we need to challenge fundamental institutions we take for granted—like private property and one-person-one-vote—to reduce inequality, increase productivity, and heal political divisions.


  • “Get off your lazy ass.” We’re at the Lagunitas Brewing Co tasting event at our #WIRED25 tonight to learning about  the science of beer from their brewmaster Jeremy Marshall. We'll also get an exclusive premier of the new ‘Born Yesterday’ pale-ale. #ad


  • With its intense working hours and high competition, China is the land of "blitzscaling" – the messy art of building a company quickly. At #WIRED25, Reid Hoffman tells Joi Ito what he often heard in China: "You Silicon Valley people are totally lazy." https://wired.trib.al/5rx95Wc


  • Jeremy Fishel, CTO of SynTouch, shows off how the company's prosthetic hands use tactile sensors to avoid crushing objects at our #Wired25 festival. Read more about SynTouch here: https://wired.trib.al/Cm6Ajv7


  • How did legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield get the idea for his first shoe? At our #WIRED25 festival, he told the audience he took inspiration from a controversial building in Paris. Take a look. 👀👀


You've seen Boston Dynamics' SpotMini open doors. Now see it do the running man at our #WIRED25 festival.





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