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Samsung Nederland

Fans6.96 K Fans99.14 M Fans47.97 K Fans0 Category

Howto & Style

Rank2 thumbnail

Curvy Kate

Fans25.78 K Fans142.98 K Fans62.40 M Fans0 Category

Howto & Style

Rank3 thumbnail


Fans20.40 M Fans13.06 M Fans9.03 M Fans10.34 M Category

Howto & Style

Rank4 thumbnail


Fans6.64 M Fans39.32 M Fans0 Fans0 Category

Howto & Style

Rank5 thumbnail


Fans1.99 M Fans8.80 M Fans11.71 M Fans17.09 M Category

Howto & Style

Rank6 thumbnail


Fans940.66 K Fans28.28 M Fans127.72 K Fans5.48 M Category

Howto & Style

Rank7 thumbnail

L'Oréal Paris USA

Fans138.61 K Fans34.00 M Fans470.16 K Fans0 Category

Howto & Style

Rank8 thumbnail

Destination Beauty

Fans131.44 K Fans34.00 M Fans470.32 K Fans12 Category

Howto & Style

Rank9 thumbnail

L'Oréal Paris Russia

Fans169.26 K Fans34.00 M Fans0 Fans0 Category

Howto & Style

Rank10 thumbnail

L'Oreal Paris Thailand

Fans129.71 K Fans34.00 M Fans0 Fans0 Category

Howto & Style


  • Cross platform ranking is based on the performance of content creators across social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • The rankings include not only creators but also brands and publishers who post original video content.
  • The rankings are based on the global cross-platform video data tracked for the last 30 days. Subscription & viewership growth are the fundamental metrics considered.