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Fans3.37 M Fans30.06 M Fans54.58 M Fans0 Category

News & Politics

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BBC News

Fans2.32 M Fans44.76 M Fans23.02 M Fans4.93 M Category

News & Politics

Rank3 thumbnail

New China TV

Fans196.03 K Fans48.82 M Fans11.90 M Fans0 Category

News & Politics

Rank4 thumbnail

Nat Geo France

Fans295.94 K Fans57.37 M Fans7.54 K Fans0 Category

News & Politics

Rank5 thumbnail

People's Daily, China 人民日报

Fans25.99 K Fans43.84 M Fans4.61 M Fans0 Category

News & Politics

Rank6 thumbnail

CCTV English

Fans81.81 K Fans48.01 M Fans43 Fans1 Category

News & Politics

Rank7 thumbnail


Fans7.41 K Fans43.26 M Fans0 Fans0 Category

News & Politics

Rank8 thumbnail

PMO India

Fans163.05 K Fans13.89 M Fans25.67 M Fans0 Category

News & Politics

Rank9 thumbnail

Vande Mataram

Fans2.00 K Fans13.89 M Fans25.67 M Fans120.94 K Category

News & Politics

Rank10 thumbnail

Al Jazeera Arabic قناة الجزيرة

Fans2.11 M Fans22.65 M Fans13.41 M Fans213 Category

News & Politics


  • The platform ranking is based on the performance of content creators across social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • The rankings include not only creators but also brands and publishers who post original video content.
  • The rankings are based on the global cross-platform video data tracked for the last 30 days. Subscription & viewership growth are the fundamental metrics considered.