Video Intelligence Analytics Software for
Advertisers & Agencies

Increase the reach of your video content and
enhance audience engagement

Data driven Trend Analysis &

  • Explore the trending videos on YouTube from any country and category.
  • Find out videos that are about to trend in the near future. Now you can use Google adwords and bid to advertise on these videos at a lower price!
  • Check out the videos which were trending during a particular time period. This can give you valuable Insights about the advertising strategies of other brands.
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Find out how your Brand performs
against Competition

  • Demographic-wise and device-wise viewing behavior of the audience of different genre of videos.
  • Add any Brand as your competitor and benchmark your performance against theirs.
  • Analyze the strategy and spend of other brands. Track the performance of all their videos.
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Create content that resonates to
your audience

  • Know what are the trending searches across various genres, topics and categories. Use this intelligence for your content creation.
  • Understand what channels and videos is your target audience engaging with & create content according to your audience tastes.
  • Know what kind of content is being consumed based on the devices used by your target audience. When and during which day of the week, is your target audience the most active.
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Create smarter campaign by
targeting the right audience

  • Know what channels & videos are your subscribers watching based on category filters to understand their insights and target them for better ad performance.
  • Identify which audiences are mostly engaging with your brand across platforms & reach out to them for brand collaboration.
  • Access the complete list of your audience with demography break ups and reach out to them on social platforms.
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Discover what people are saying
about your brand online

Find mentions helps you find what people are saying about your brand online. If someone has tweeted about you or if someone
has commented about you on YouTube, Find Mentions shows it to you! Understanding the sentiment
of customers about your brand can be vital for your marketing strategy.


Reach out to over 50,000 YouTubers
looking for Brand Endorsement Deals

Find the right content creator for branded content, product placement, reviews & more

  • Identify influencers on YouTube Discover YouTubers from any country, genre and audience size. Use multiple filters to find the right fit for your brand.
  • Contact them for collaboration Contact the creators and collaborate with them to create videos that can increase Brand Awareness.
  • Data driven Don't rely on your hunch. Select creators who have an audience demography that fits your customer niche.

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Vidooly's intelligent dashboard provides intuitive actionable analytics for brands to help them reach out to the right video content creators, target the right audience and drive more engagement. It's big data engine tracks videos across all platforms & helps brands to better understand their audience for driving growth.

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