Discover what's working and what's not - for any YouTube video

Vidooly's YouTube chrome extension 'Vidlog' can help you find out the estimated earning of any video! It also gives you a detailed performance analysis of any video - not only on YouTube, but across all social media platforms.

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  • Tag Analysis
    Find out the tags used for any video and their performance. You also get tag suggestions that would have resulted in a higher search volume for the video.
  • Social Media Performance
    Find out how many times the video has been shared in Twitter, Facebook and all the other popular social media platforms.
  • Trending Videos
    With the click of a button, find out the trending videos from all categories of YouTube.
Install YouTube Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I sign up for Vidlog YouTube extension?
    You need to sign up and create a free account to use vidooly's creator dashboard. Vidooly creator dashboard comes with a 14 day free trial after which you need to upgrade. However, you only need to sign up once to start using vidlog. Put in simple words - Vidlog is free forever but Vidooly's creator dashboard is free only for 14 days.
  • Do I need to pay to use Vidlog YouTube chrome extension?
    No. You don't have to pay to use Vidlog. The extension is completely FREE!
  • How long can I use Vidlog YouTube extension?
    You can use vidlog for FREE forever!
  • How can I use Vidlog YouTube extension?
    If you are a video marketing expert, you can use the data shown by vidlog to give merit to your blogs/articles, through statistics. For instance - you can get an estimated earning, tags used in the video and how the video is performing in social media. Including these stats in your content will add more value to it.
  • I'm a creator. How can I use the stats given by Vidlog?
    By closely following the popular creators in your category - you can find out what kind of tags they use, how much money they make from their videos, who are their influential fans on Twitter, Facebook etc. This can help you in identifying and following their best practices.


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